About clearScope.

Our mission is to pioneer transparent property repair.

clearScope is shining a light on the property repair industry so property insurers can reign in the costs of water damage claims and realign their supply chain networks.

Support data informed, restoration-savvy claims teams

Water damage losses dominate the property claims space. At clearScope, our goal is to help you reign in your claims costs.
Our data transparency helps your claims officers to verify costs, your assessors to predict outcomes, and procurement to realign expectations.

One in 25 Australians

Since 2020, one in 25 adult Australians have lodged a property claim related to water damage.

$5k to $500k

Single water damage incidents can range from $5,000 to more than half a million for severe losses.

Up 72%

One Australian insurer reported a 72% increase in their average water damage claim ($17,627 to $30,361).

34% of claims

One-third of all property-related claims (34%) are caused by water damage.

Our Solution

At clearScope, we've identified four factors contributing to your water damage cost blowouts. Controlling these factors is clearScope's solution to maintaining your cost-efficiency and customer service in a world of rapidly growing water damage loss.
Verify Water Damage Costs
With clearScope, your costs become verifiable and predictable. Restoration decisions are overseen and managed by you, meaning no sudden cost blowouts.

Assess Supply Networks
Our vetting and verification process means your supply networks become governable, and peformance analysis is transparent and accurate.
Understand Restoration Know-How
With clearScope, you don't need to be a restoration technician to understand restoration language. Avoid being at an information disadvantage with RestorationLogic™.
Simplify Methods and Reports
Our standardised methods enable consistent estimates and reports from your vendors. Compare apples to apples, and get a true picture of cost.
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Our Journey

Our journey in developing clearScope has been informed by 30 years in the property repair industry serving insurers, adjusters, and brokers.


We wanted to provide claims professionals with simple, transparent, and clear insights they need to make the right decisions about their claims.


An MVP is designed and developed by the clearScope team. Our product becomes ISMS ISO27001 certified.


costPREDICTOR and RestorationLogic™ are developed into beta products.

Our Leadership

Sonny Saini
Chief Executive Officer
Cathryn Pudner
Head of Product
Venar Gallardo
Lead Developer

Validate your water damage claims. Evolve the costly repair process.

clearScope is pioneering transparent property repairs with water damage for insurers.
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