Validate water damage claims. Evolve the costly repair process.

clearScope is pioneering transparent property repair with water damage for insurers.

Observe in Real Time

Monitor your claims and track their progression from first contact to completion.

Validate Repair Costs

Leverage our trademarked RestorationLogic™ to ensure drying, dehumidification, and labour costs are proportionate to the works required.

Data Driven Optimisation

Accurately and easily compare your vendors' costs, performance, and history.

Ensure your claims costs match the extent of the loss.

Align your supply chain and claims team to improve outcomes through process governance and data.

For the forward-thinking insurer.

Learn how clearScope can empower your claims function and drive optimal business outcomes.
Simplify your claims journey through process unification.
Realign your supply chain network on a foundation of best-in-class practices.
Activate cohesion through a connected claims journey across all stakeholders.
Data Visualisation
Observe key data points and the impact on claim outcomes.
Utilise data analysis to support informed decision making.

Harness the power of simplicity.

Drive towards transparent property repair with clearScope.

Reclaim your valuable time.

With clearScope, remove unnecessary complexities in your water damage claims process. Simplify the internal experience for your claims, assessing, and procurement teams.
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Keep costs appropriate.

Objectively keep your costs in proportion to the size of the loss and avoid those awkward cost discussions.
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Promote contractor governance.

Through transparency, obtain a true assessment of your contractors and minimise operational risk on your claims.
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Keep your data close.

Fast track your decision making and claims settlement with standardised reporting, ready to access insights, and straight forward data visualisation.
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Realign your supply chain goals.

Utilise clearScope’s integrated methodology and obtain alignment between your company and your supply chain.
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Learn more about clearScope and our mission for the property insurance industry.

Our Mission

clearScope is shining a light on the property repair industry so property insurers can reign in the costs of water damage claims and realign their supply chain networks. Our mission is to pioneer...

Our Solution

At clearScope, we've identified four factors contributing to water damage cost blowouts. Controlling these factors is our solution to maintaining cost-efficiency and customer service in a world of rapidly growing...

Manage your water damage claims, not the other way around.

Experience transparent property repairs with clearScope.
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